The Tournament Logo

LogoThis logo design incorporates many key elements in representing the 2019 Minor Box Lacrosse Nationals.  The "Red Maple Leaf" along with the "CLA" logo represents "Canada", the "Province of British Columbia" flag is represented below, as with "Coquitlam" being the host City.  "The Mountains" represents BC and the Rockies, accented within the red leaf.  "The Eagle's Head" located above the Nationals acknowledges and gives protocol to the Native lands, where the 2019 Minor Nationals will be held.  Incorporated artwork by Squamish Nation artist Kiyáwtkin - as his ancestral name - and his given names Kee Toy.

"The Eagle's Head" the eagle has many gifts from the Creator.  The ability to remain focused at all times in maintaining balance within the skies.  Soaring high above the clouds enabling him to connect with the Creator.  The wings of an eagle symbolize the balance and co-dependency between females and males, and how each person must work unitedly in order to achieve harmonious results.  The Eagle symbolizes upholding high respect, for the gifts the Creator has shared with all living things on land, in the waters and in the skies.

We look forward to hosting the top minor lacrosse players from across the country in August, as they compete for a National Championship.

The Hosting Committee


"Special Thanks to X-treme Threads and Kiyáwtkin for the designing of our National Event Logo."