Welcome to the FJGC Experience

To get your message out to your intended market these days, you need a website. Not one that is flashy, has a multitude of cool features or plays background music – one that is basic, yet pleasant on the eye, says what needs to be said, is easy for visitors to navigate, and costs far less than what major web design companies charge. This is what FJ Geyer Consulting is all about.

Established in 2005 as JSA Web Design, we have listened to what clients demanded, and have delivered professionally designed, easily found on the web, well maintained websites that have been viewed by over 3,000,000 visitors to date. Our clients have ranged from sports teams to small businesses, many of whom have been with JSA for a number of years. In 2023, JSA was merged into FJ Geyer Consulting to become one unique consultancy – providing facilities management support services as well as website design and management.

We are based in the town of Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada, and are your “local” home for website design and management services.

Our Focus

JSA specializes in designing and managing basic websites suited to sports leagues and associations, local businesses, public sector organizations and community groups.

We will take all key information, graphics, photos, documents and other data that you provide about your group or business, and transform them into a 2 to 12 page website that you can be proud of.

Our Services

JSA offers the following services:
Web design
Domain registration
Search engine optimization
Procurement of web hosting service
Setting up of e-mail addresses
Transfer of existing sites to new host
Basic graphic design
Website management and changes

Our Promise

For a reasonable one-time fee, we can provide you with a website that:
is clean, simple, custom-made, and professional in appearance;
is user-friendly for your visitors with clear, well formatted content, images and links that are easily navigated;
is mobile-friendly;
represents the personality, mission and values your sports organization or small business; and
is readily found in all major internet search engines

Once your design is complete, we can upload your new website to a reputable, affordable web hosting service for a nominal fee (plus the actual cost of hosting and domain registration), which includes e-mail hosting. Once up and running, we can manage changes and updates to your website, track traffic and upload data for reasonably priced annual maintenance fee or nominal hourly charge-out rate.